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Missing munchies case closed Snack food filchers not VeriWise thieves

When a driver from Caldwell Transport Ltd arrived at the Humpty Dumpty snack food plant in Lachine, Quebec, Canada recently to pick up a trailer load of salty snacks bound for the company's plant in Hartland, New Brunswick, he found the cargo and the trailer had been stolen. But the unwitting thieves stole a Caldwell trailer equipped with the VeriWise asset tracking system the trucking company had been testing for several months.

GE Trailer Fleet Services activated VeriWise and quickly located the pilfered cargo about 35 miles from the customer's plant in an abandoned industrial park. The stolen trailer was recovered that same day with its contents intact minus a few bags of snacks the hungry thieves could not resist. Forty-eight hours later, the trailer and its cargo were bound for the original destination.

TAGS: Truck Bodies
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