Mid-Michigan Expands Distribution Possibilities with New Facility

THE Mid-Michigan Snow Equipment Company officially opened its newest distribution and parts facility in Mason, Michigan, during the second week of October. This is the third Mid-Michigan location in Michigan since the company entered the market in 1984. Mid-Michigan distributes Boss Snowplow Equipment, Maxi-Products, and Snowman Snowplows. Mid-Michigan also distributes for numerous manufacturers of snowplow and ice removal accessories.

"This new distribution and parts warehouse center allows us to provide more services and house more product in a much more efficient manner," said Byron Russell, a principal with Mid-Michigan Snow Equipment.

The new facility has space for an executive office area, a parts area with walk-up counter space, and a large room for parts shipping and receiving. The largest open space in the new facility is dedicated to the storage of snowplows and snow-removal equipment for future distribution to one of the 29 retailers and installers that are served by Mid-Michigan.

The warehouse facility is located in a rural area of lower Michigan and is surrounded by small farms and cornfields. "This is a centralized location for our distribution activities and to serve our retailers in lower Michigan," says Russell. "We are located in a beautiful area, plus we're also happy that we have some expansion room here if we need it."

The building was designed with aesthetic qualities in mind. The business principals wanted to integrate a high degree of landscaping into the layout of the facility so that the building and its intended use would fit into the surrounding community with as little disturbance as possible.

"Mid-Michigan is both a snowplow distributor and upfitter in our other two locations," Russell said. "We perform all of our mounting activities at the other locations. Our plan is not to tie up this distribution facility with repairs and installations. Keeping our installation procedures at our other two retail locations provides us with a wider range of options for scheduling repair and plow installations at those locations, which in turn provides more responsiveness to our retail customers who look to us for distributed product. We want to make it convenient for our retailers to order and come to the warehouse to pick up their products. We think we've accomplished that."

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