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MICO Inc provides two new catalogs

MICO Inc announces the release of two new catalogs for the company's hydraulic brake valve and accumulator charging valve product lines. The catalogs provide a quick reference guide for engineers specifying components for on- and off-highway braking applications.

The MICO Hydraulic Brake Valves catalog covers single, tandem, and reverse pressure modulating valves, relay valves, park brake valves, and steering assist power brake valves. This catalog covers single and dual charging valves, load sensing charging valves, and full-power brake valves.

Industries using components from each catalog in their brake system designs include heavy construction, mining, material handling, agriculture, forestry, and airport support. The two complementary product lines were previously grouped in one catalog, but growth in the MICO product offering dictated the introduction of separate catalogs.

Visit for more details.

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