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Michelin X One tire wins award from SAE

Michelin Americas Research & Development Corp (MARC) has won the 2003 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Excellence in Transportation Award in the Mobile Energy Emissions category. The award was presented to the company during the recent SAE Government/Industry meeting in Washington DC. It recognizes the development of MARC's X One wide single truck tire.

The Michelin X One replaces two conventional dual tires with a single tire. It has proven to save from 4% to 10% in fuel cost, decrease overall weight by 800 to 1,300 pounds, and increase a truck's payload by the same weight.

All X One tires incorporate Michelin's patented InfiniCoil technology, a stabilizing belt construction that runs perpendicular to the radial ply to optimize wear and handling. The X One tires also have conventional full-width steel belts and one radial ply, which complement the stabilizing action of the tire.

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