MHC Kenworth–Kansas City Honored As 2012 Kenworth Dealer of the Year

MHC Kenworth–Kansas City has received the 2012 Kenworth Dealer of the Year Award for the United States and Canada.

“It’s certainly gratifying to be recognized for our efforts from among the many outstanding Kenworth dealers,” said Tim Murphy, CEO of MHC Kenworth, which operates 55 Kenworth dealerships in 11 states. “We’re very honored to receive the prestigious Kenworth Dealer of the Year award.”

The award encompasses MHC Kenworth–Kansas City locations in Columbia, Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo., and Olathe and Topeka, Kan.

MHC Kenworth–Kansas City was selected as Kenworth Dealer of the Year from among Kenworth’s six Gold Award winners for 2012. Other Gold Award winners are Edmonton Kenworth, Kenworth of South Louisiana, Papé Kenworth of Central California, Truckworx Kenworth – Birmingham, and Wisconsin Kenworth.

“Excellent Kenworth T680 and PACCAR MX engine sales, strong market share in heavy and medium duty trucks, continued investment with the opening of its new St. Joseph facility, and a high level of customer support were among the hallmarks of success for MHC Kenworth-Kansas City in 2012,” said Gary Moore, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice president. “The outstanding performance and excellent results are commendable and established MHC Kenworth–Kansas City as a very worthy Kenworth Dealer of the Year.”

During the Kenworth Dealer Meeting, Kenworth also honored its 14 Silver Award winners for 2012 which are: Custom Truck Sales, Kenworth Sales Company–Spokane, Papé Kenworth of Oregon, Kenworth Montréal, GreatWest Kenworth, Inland Kenworth (U.S.), MHC Kenworth-Arkansas, MHC Kenworth-Colorado, MHC Kenworth-Georgia, MHC Kenworth-Oklahoma, MHC Kenworth-Texas, Wallwork Kenworth, Wichita Kenworth, and Worldwide Equipment.

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