Mexican Motor Carrier directory updated

The 2005-06 Mexican Motor Carrier directory is being offered by Transportation Technical Services (TTS).

New Mexican carrier data are on TTS's web site. Users can access the detailed profiles on more than 1,100 Mexican trucking companies — double the number of previous listings. Demographic profiles include company name, headquarters address, phone (including toll-free) , fax, e-mail or web site address, plus chief executive officer name and title.

Trucking companies are also identified by primary commodities transported and the number of trucks, tractors, and trailers, both owned and leased. Trailer types, TL or LTL, plus the year the firm was established to round out the profile.

Additions, enhancements, and deletions to the FleetSeek files are made continuously. Customers are entitled to all changes to their subscription files at no extra cost. An electronic copy of the directory (Adobe e-book) is available from the F/eefSeek site to purchasers of the Mexican data.

Contact TTS in Fredericksburg VA to order.

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