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Metform acquires Crewson Industries

Metform LLC, Savanna IL-based manufacturer, announced acquisition of Buffalo NY-based Crewson Industries and unveiled a new spindle nut design at the Mid-America Trucking Show recently.

Crewson provides slack adjusters and air brake chambers throughout the United States and Canada. It will continue to market its AutoCheck-equipped automatic brake adjuster product line, as well as its air chamber components, through existing sales and distribution outlets. The Crewson sales team will also sell Metform's Securex, Axilok, and Securelok products.

Securelok, a one-piece spindle nut for unitized and preloaded axles, locks bearings onto the spindle when torqued to recommended values. Jack Crowe, vice-president — sales and marketing for MacLean Vehicle Systems, said, “We are in production on the 1½"-diameter size, and expect to begin production on larger-diameter nuts later this year.”

Metform is one of 14 companies owned by Mundelein IL-based MacLean-Fogg that pool resources and capabilities and market them as MacLean Vehicle Systems.

The address of Metform manufacturing and customer service is 2551 Wacker Road, Savanna IL 60174. The phone number is 815-273-2201; fax is 815-273-2528. MacLean Vehicle System's web site is accessible at

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