Merker introduces new tank shape

Merker OMT introduced a new shape in a tank trailer at the IAA in Hanover. The shape of the tank cross-section is described as a round elliptical section. The tank is essentially round or cylindrical for the top half and elliptical for the bottom portion. It is designed to provide a lower center of gravity for a more compact vehicle, possibly a shorter trailer.

The AluStar aluminum tank trailer has a capacity of 43,500 liters (11,500 gallons) in four compartments. It is equipped for the Alfons Haar fuel dispensing system including a Preci Turbo turbine and electronic monitor. This electronic metering system records any action for security purposes. All piping is empty during transport. The prototype system is 160 kg (350 lb) lighter than previously.

The frameless tank has only a single support leg at the front, so the trailer can be uncoupled only when empty. Shell thickness is over 5 mm (.2"). T-shaped stiffening rings are located at each head and baffle. This permits the tank shell to be welded completely from the outside. Merker SpA, Via Tiburtina Valeria, km 193.06 I-65028 Tocco da Casauria, Italy; MerkerOMT Srl, Strada Prov Pozzolo Formigarlo 3-5, I-15057 Tortona, Italy.

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