Meritor Offering ABS Line, Warranty Program

A new generation of trailer antilock braking systems (ABS) soon will be available from Meritor WABCO. The enhanced product will go beyond meeting the March 1, 2001, Power Line Carrier (PLC) deadline. The system will allow Meritor WABCO to offer a full line of trailer ABS configurations to meet application requirements, as well as provide the opportunity for some unique trailer monitoring capabilities. The system will allow for full serviceability on all components.

Effective immediately, authorized trailer dealers and service centers now have access to a new warranty program on Meritor WABCO Easy-Stop Trailer ABS. The new procedure helps assure prompt handling of claims; assistance in diagnosing problems and determining the most effective method of repair; and assurance that parts or repairs are covered under warranty.

Authorized trailer dealers and service centers will receive copies of the ArvinMeritor WABCO Easy-Stop Trailer ABS warranty package for use with customers. The package includes instructions on how to perform warranty repairs and submit claims for processing. The procedure includes access to ArvinMeritor's Customer Service Center (800/535-5560) for determination of the proper repair strategy and warranty coverage. Once the repair is determined to be warrantable, the Customer Service Center representative assigns a Case Authorization Number to help expedite claim processing.

The new warranty procedure is applicable for claims that fall within the standard warranty period of three years/300,000 miles.

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