Meritor adds oil-bath wheel seals to line

Meritor Inc's Aftermarket business recently added heavy-duty truck and trailer oil-bath wheel seals to its wheel-end parts offerings. The new additions continue the company's “complete solutions” approach to expanding its aftermarket product portfolio.

Available in a standard and a premium version, the new product is being distributed from Meritor's North American distribution centers in Florence KY and Brampton, Ontario.

These wheel seals feature a wide-seal band, multi-zone labyrinth design, low-friction bumpers, plus a thick steel casing (0.07 inches) that helps prevent installation damage.

“Customers have the ability to install this product by hand or use a third-party installation tool,” said Adam Kretz, product manager, Meritor.

The seal warranty will be one year or 150,000 miles for the standard model, two years or 300,000 miles for the premium model. Warranties can be extended by using the Meritor PlatinumShield coated brake shoes with MA friction materials. The standard model is manufactured to exacting engineering standards set by Meritor from nitrile rubber, also known as NBR, while the premium model uses hydrogenated nitrile rubber, or HNBR. The premium model is compatible with all lubricants, including synthetics.

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