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Mega curtainsider carries second deck

THIS Mega-trailer from Groenewegen in the Netherlands has more going for it than just its 101.7-cubic-meter (3,590-cu-ft) load volume. The curtainside trailer has a second deck that can support a distributed load of 13,600 kg (30,000 lb). The tri-axle tank container chassis shown on the second deck was top-loaded at the factory through the sliding roof and transported over the highway to the Trailer show in Belgium.

The 13.6-meter (44' 8") Mega curtainsider with (re)movable second deck rides on 19.5" dual tires and has an unloaded chassis height of 950 mm (37"). Height of the neck section is only 72 mm (2.83"). This gives it an inside height to the side rail of 2,950 mm (116"). The second deck can be positioned anywhere from 850 mm (33") above the main floor to the height of the roof. Tare weight is 9,100 kg (20,000 lb).

The container chassis riding on the second deck is designed to haul 20- and 30-ft tank containers. Its light weight is achieved using Domex high tensile steel. The three-axle chassis weighs 3,920 kg (8,650 lb). Overall chassis width is 2,460 mm (96.85"). Permissible load width inside the posts of the Mega curtainsider is 2,469 mm (97.2"). Groenewegen Fabricage van Wegtransportmiddelen BV, Parallelweg 13, 4878 AH Etten-Leur, Netherlands.

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