Medium and heavy truck sales pick up in June 2007

Medium and heavy trucks sold at a faster pace in June than in May, but were still down 23% compared to June 2006, according to figures compiled by Ward's Communications.

Dealers sold 47,376 trucks with GVW ratings above 10,000 pounds during the month, down from June 2006 (61,584) and up 3% from May 2007 (46,078).

Compared to June 2006, Class 8 trucks were down 58%, followed by Class 7 at 37%.

Through the first six months of 2007, truck dealers sold 278,665 trucks with GVW ratings above 10,000 pounds, down 20% from the corresponding period of 2006.

Brisk sales of light-duty trucks (GVW ratings of 10,000 pounds or less) kept the overall market at a decline of just 8% compared to June 2006, with Class 3 up 33% and Class 2 up 11%. For the year, total sales were down 3%.

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