Maurer adds GEM-L aluminum trailer line

Maurer Manufacturing ( of Spencer IA and GEM-L Inc ( of Brandon SD announce the acquisition of the GEM-L-designed aluminum hopper bottom trailers by Maurer for its product line.

Maurer produces steel hopper bottom trailers, and the addition of an aluminum trailer line is another step in rounding out the company's offering to its Midwest dealers. For the large-trailer market, in addition to hopper bottom trailers, Maurer manufactures step deck trailers, gondola trailers for transporting scrap steel, and trailers for transporting crushed car bodies destined for recycling. Maurer also has a presence in the agricultural market with its combine bin extension line, combine head transport line, and combine auger products.

GEM-L and its founders have designed, manufactured, and marketed a new aluminum hopper bottom trailer. This trailer has been designed, in addition to GEM-L's existing product lines, to serve the agricultural industry. These products include grain box and auger/conveyor attachment systems. With the transition and transfer of the trailer technology to Maurer, GEM-L intends to continue its focus on providing products to agricultural consumers.

Maurer presently occupies approximately 130,000 square feet of space on 24 acres in the Spencer industrial park, rents additional space in Spencer, and employs 95 individuals. It is evaluating options for long-term production of aluminum hopper bottom trailers.

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