Many factors affect truck design

SANDO ISLAND, Sweden – Anders Edin will tell you that many diverse factors are affecting the truck design process today, and that those factors share many similarities in Europe and the United States. As product planning manager for Volvo Truck Corp.(VTC), Edin must find a way to built trucks that accommodate the needs of the transport industry, society, and customers, while staying aware of competitors' efforts to meet those same challenges. Here at the launch of Volvo's new FH16, he discussed those 'drivers of change' and how they impact the truck design process. "Regulations, from emissions to driver hours, affect our products. So o the needs of society when it comes to traffic congestion and safety," he said. "The our customers want more productivity, more capability, and more fuel efficiency from their trucks. Then we much research what are competitors are doing as well." The affects of those 'drivers of change' are many and impact many design elements. "Cusotmers demand a truck as light as possible so they can carry maximum cargo for the most revenue," Edin explained. "Trucks must also be stronger to do that, so we've seen demand for horsepower increase every year." But those changes are necessary in order for customers to make more money, he added. "That higher productivity through greater load capacity and power means more profits for customers. That's why we have to work on all of these issues."

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