Manufacturer-Dealer Law Summary Online

A summary of state manufacturer-dealer laws is available on the Equipment Manufacturers Institute (EMI) web site. The database compiles state statutes relating to contractual relationships between equipment dealers and manufacturers.

Laws on the books that cover farm, industrial, construction, and outdoor power equipment for each state are highlighted in the database. Topics addressed under each state statute include: dealer agreement, inventory level requirement, unlawful acts, good-cause termination, termination notice, cure period, buyback, dealer remedies, transfer agreement, warranty claims, surplus parts return, and dealer indemnified.

This information, originally provided by EMI in paper format, should not be viewed as an absolute determination of a state's laws covering contractual relationships between equipment dealers and manufacturers. Rather, it summarizes a body of law that is exceedingly detailed and often inconclusive in its application to a specific product. Code provisions for each state are intended solely as an initial source and cover abridged sections of a state's code. Many of these statutes have been subjects of extensive litigation. However any such judicial interpretation is not covered in this 50-state legislative review.

Available by subscription from EMI, the web-based Summary of State Manufacturer-Dealer Laws database makes it easy to search for a manufacturer-dealer law, whether by state, effective year, product, or topic. Because state code provisions change from year to year, EMI will update these summaries periodically.

Both EMI members and nonmembers are eligible to subscribe. To start taking advantage of this database, phone EMI at 312-321-1470 or access www. emi. org, click on "Dealer Laws," and subscribe electronically.

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