Management changes at Hyundai Translead

Hyundai Translead announced changes in its management structure that were effective August 8.

O.S. Koh was promoted to Hyundai Motor Company as new Chief Executive Coordinator of Hyundai Motor America. Glenn Harney was promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Hyundai Translead from Sr. V.P. of Sales and Marketing. Andy Cho was promoted to Chief Executive Coordinator (CEC) of Hyundai Translead from V.P. of Intermodal Sales.

Under the leadership of Koh, Hyundai Translead enjoyed substantial growth in both the trailer and intermodal equipment markets.

Harney will take responsibility for day-to-day operations at the San Diego office of Hyundai Translead and Cho will coordinate all the activities with the president’s office in Korea.

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