Manac launches new tri-axle steel half-round dump trailer

Manac has developed a new tri-axle steel half-round dump trailer that features increased load capacity and weight for operators in the excavation and bulk-hauling markets.

The tri-axle dump trailer has the same silhouette as the two-axle model launched in early 2004. The noticeable differences are the reinforced beams, the overall length and the more powerful hydraulic lifting mechanism of the tri-axle model. The overall length is 37 feet in tridem configuration with an axle spacing of 72 inches.

Due to its load capacity of 1,218 cubic feet and its more robust structural components, the semi-trailer can haul loads of up to 109,129 pounds -- or 17,637 pounds more than the two-axle dump trailer. It offers maximum durability for hauling sand and aggregate and stands up to the rigors of hauling heavier or bulkier materials such as tree stumps, concrete debris and coarse rock.

TAGS: Trailers
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