Manac Introduces Aluminum Platform

Manac Provides Aluminum Flatbed Trailers

Manac announces its new 100%-aluminum flatbed semitrailer that weighs less than 3,750 kilograms (8,250 pounds).

Under the direction of engineer Marc Berthiaume, the Manac technical team used a three-piece main beam solidly assembled with stainless steel rivets. The beam is 737 mm (29") high with a camber of 102 mm (4"), resulting in a concentrated load of 27,216 kilograms over 1.22 meters (60,000 pounds over 4 feet). The floor is made of inverted “T” aluminum extrusions.

To keep welds to a minimum, maximize strength, and facilitate maintenance, Manac fabricates this product using bolted components. Bumper, landing gear, coupler plate, suspension bogie, and side rails are bolted to the rest of the structure. Crossmembers also are bolted to the main beam the same way.

For more details, contact Manac, 2275 107e Rue, Ville de Saint-Georges, Quebec, Canada G5Y 5C9.
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Big EZ Combines Comfort, Accessibility

Supreme Corp has introduced the Big EZ, one of several models in Supreme's new line of EZ Access vans. It is designed to provide businesses with a medium-duty route delivery vehicle combining comfort and capacity of a traditional route truck with accessibility and convenience of a step van.

The Big EZ is built on a Navistar International 4700 LP or LPX chassis. The OEM heating and optional air-conditioning allows drivers to control the temperature better.

Appropriate for high-GVW applications (19,500 to 28,000 pounds), the Big EZ comes in 16- to 24-foot body lengths. The truck bodies have an interior height of 84" and interior width of 94". The Big EZ comes standard with a heavy-duty, 12-gauge tread plate rear step bumper; a 36"-wide sliding side door with sliding window; a low three-step entry/exit with aluminum diamond treadplate; and a bulkhead with locking sliding door.

Easily customized, the Big EZ can include options such as interior shelves or rack systems, a translucent roof, various floors, tie-down securing systems, and lighting packages.

For more details, contact Supreme, 16500 CR 38, PO Box 463, Goshen IN 46527.
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Landoll Unveils Two Tilt Utility Trailer Models

Landoll Corp has introduced the Model LT1016+4 and the LT1020 tilt utility trailers. Designed to haul light construction and landscaping equipment, the LT 1016+4 is a 10,000-lb-capacity, 20-foot trailer featuring a 16-ft tilt deck plus a 4-ft stationary deck for attachments, pallets, or supplies. A cushion cylinder tilts the deck for loading and unloading, and a bed lockdown secures the bed in transport position. The approach plate is made of machined Landoll traction plate with four keyhole tiedowns.

The LT1020 features a 20-foot, 10,000-lb-capacity tilt deck and a tilt control system for loading multiple pieces of equipment. The tilt control system holds the deck in a tilted position during all loading operations. Using a single valve, the cylinder can be released, allowing the deck to return to transport position.

The LT1016+4 and LT1020 are constructed from 6" channel main frame and 4" junior I-beam crossmembers. Standard features include powdercoat paint finish, electric brakes, 6,000-lb torflex axles, 2" treated pine floor, 7,000-lb top crank jack, 14-gauge formed fenders, sealed beam lights, and LT235/85R16 LRE tires. For more information, contact Landoll, 1900 North St, Marysville KS 66508.
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Trailer Has Air-Powered Tail, Low Load Angle

Harley Murray Inc has introduced its new Easy-Tail series equipment-hauling lowbed trailers. Rear load angle with the 7-foot air-operated flip-tail extended is 14.5 degrees. This model is built on the Murray Easyload outside-frame eight-tire air-ride design and offers a basic trailer weight of 13,500 pounds. With all-T-1 construction, 17.5" wheels, and a wood deck, this 102"-wide trailer's GVWR is 78,800 pounds.

The tail can be raised for dock loading, and for travel it is supported by air springs and locks positively with pins at ride height. Air power eliminates hydraulics and avoids oil leaks. Reconfiguring the tail between ride and load positions is achieved with two air valves and a lock switch.

Four basic versions are available: covered-tire, mechanical removable gooseneck (MRG), open-tire MRG, and open-tire fixed GN; all have a 27" deck height. A covered-tire fixed GN model (flat deck) has a 37" deck height. Goosenecks are available in open configuration or decked for more cargo capacity. For full details, contact Doug Murray, 1754 E Mariposa Rd, Stockton CA 95205-7790.
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Workhorse FT1061: Alternative to Cargo Vans

The Workhorse semi-custom FT1061 step van has a 125" wheelbase and a 10-foot, 6" load space. It is designed to replace cargo vans in many vocational work settings. The cargo area has nearly 68 square feet of floor space and a 76" ceiling height, enough for a 6-ft-tall driver to access the cargo area from his seat by standing up and walking back.

With a 20"-high step out of the back door, loading and unloading are simplified. The driver can walk upright out the side door with tools and materials, or step off the anti-slip sill in back.

The FT1061's rust-free aluminum body can last 15 to 20 years or more. Its GM Vortec V-8 with sequential port fuel injection is a high-tech, modern gasoline engine engineered to approach diesel-like durability. With proper maintenance, it can run for 200,000 miles. Over the life of a vehicle, the per-year cost of the FT 1061 is less than a cargo van, says Workhorse.

The FT1061 comes with anti-lock brakes, power steering, independent front suspension, and options such as air-conditioning and stereo radio; free 24-hour emergency roadside assistance comes with each vehicle. For more details, contact Workhorse, Sales Office, 600 Central Ave, Suite 310, Highland Park IL 60035.
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Teichert Cements Payload Gain with W900S

Teichert Readymix had a mission: Increase payload by a half cubic yard of concrete, moving from 9.5- to 10-cubic-yard mixers. At a ceremony for customers and suppliers, management and employees of Sacramento CA-based Teichert Inc displayed recently delivered Kenworth W900S mixers light enough to give Teichert its extra half-cubic yard.

Teichert chose a Cummins ISC 315-horsepower engine with Fuller 11-speed transmission to meet requirements. This saved more than 700 pounds over an ISM engine and heavier transmission.

Kenworth took 1,671 pounds out of Teichert's previously specified truck which, when coupled with several changes to the MTM mixer, achieved 1,930 more payload pounds:

  • ISC 315 engine replacing the Cummins ISM 681 pounds.

  • Fuller RT011909ALL replacing RT014909ALL 55 pounds.

  • Four super singles on the rear replacing eight aluminum wheels 332 pounds.

  • Chalmers 40,000-lb-capacity rear suspension replacing the 46,000-lb-capacity suspension 271 pounds.

  • Dana Spicer DS405 40,000-lb-capacity rear axle replacing the RT44-145 69 pounds.

  • Two batteries versus three batteries 44 pounds.

  • Aluminum air tanks 43 pounds.

E-One Makes Some Noise with New ARFF

After about two years of development, Emergency One has unveiled its new model Titan HPR 4×4 Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicle. Designed to comply with Federal Aviation Administration, National Fire Protection Association, and International Civil Aviation Organization requirements, the new Titan HPR incorporates these new features:

  • Cab designed with increased headroom.

  • Full-height cab doors and interior staggered steps.

  • Wraparound dash and larger console controls.

  • Windshield wiper system for improved visibility.

  • HVAC system with an optional 40,000-Btu rear wall air-conditioner and ceiling-mounted plenums for increased airflow.

  • Larger-capacity lower body compartments.

  • E-Logic multiplexing electrical system with integrated diagnostics.

  • Pump operator panel.

  • Powertrain with a Detroit Diesel Series 60 665 bhp engine, Twin Disc TD 61-1180 six-speed automatic transmission, and Cushman power divider and transfer case.

  • Meritor independent suspension system with inboard ventilated disc brakes and ABS.

  • Optional high flow bumper turret on the vehicle's front.

The Titan HPR can accelerate from 0 to 50 mph in 25 seconds or less and has a static side slope stability of a minimum of 30°. For more details, contact E-One, PO Box 2710, Ocala FL 34478.
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Tiger Line Offers Stake Rack for Trailevator

Tiger Line Equipment provides a 12", 24", or 36" removable stake rack for its Trailevator. Manufactured of 11-gauge galvanized steel, the rack assures stability for big, bulky loads.

The Trailevator is a hydraulically operated elevating trailer that not only lowers itself to ground level for loading, but also lifts itself and its load to the hauling position. Constructed of solid steel, it comes in four models, three sizes, and two capabilities. For full details, contact Tiger Line, PO Box 121, Minster OH 45865.
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