Manac builds 20,000th van at Ontario plant

Manac celebrated March 18th the fabrication of its 20,000th van at its Orangeville, Ontario, Canada plant. Presided over by Charles Dutil, president and chief operating officer of Manac, the ceremony was held in front of 288 plant employees and several dignitaries.

In operation since December 1994, the Orangeville plant employs 288 people. The plant manufactures steel and aluminum vans, as well as ComboPlate vans.

“When we inaugurated the plant in 1994, our annual production capacity was approximately 3,500 units,” said Dutil, who was general manager at the time. “Today, our production capacity is 14,000 units, and we operate five plants.”

Manac operates three other plants located in Saint-Georges-deBeauce, Trois-Riviéres, and Saint-Prime in Québec, and a fourth in Oran MO. The firm employs 1,590 people.

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