Major Changes For '08 Mitsubishi Fuso Models

A new cab for medium-duty models, new configurations on the light-duty side and new engine emissions systems with diesel particulate filters (DPFs) lead the changes for the 2008 North American Mitsubishi Fuso cabover truck line introduced at a press and dealer event yesterday.

The light-duty FE 2008 models bring the return of the Class 3 FE125 (12,500 lb. GVW), which now has the OBD II emissions monitoring system required by California and other states, according to Robert Aquaro, vp product development for Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America (MFTA). Power is provided by a 4.9L Mitsubishi diesel producing 185 HP and 391 lbs.-ft. peak torque. It will only be available with an Aisin 6-spd. automatic transmission. Offered in three wheelbases ranging from 114.6 to 153.4 in., the FE125 will accommodate bodies up to 18 ft. Like all 2008 MFTA models, the smallest FE uses a DPF to meet the 2007 EPA diesel emissions standards.

Moving up in GVW, the Class 4 FE145 (14,500 lbs. GVW) is available in four wheelbases, including a new 155.3-in length that can handle 20-ft. bodies. It, too, will only be offered with the Aisin automatic since North American customers has shown a strong and growing preference for automatics, according to Aquaro.

A 6-spd. Mitsubishi manual transmission remains available for Class 5 FE180 (17,995 lbs. GVW) in 2008 even though 85% of all current FE180s are sold with the Aisin automatic option, Aquaro said. That model adds a fifth wheelbase of 189.4-in. for 2008, allowing it to carry bodies up to 22 ft. in length.

Also returning to the MFTA lineup for 2008 is the 4x4 FE140, although only in a 138.2-in. wheelbase, and the FE145 Crew Cab.

Common to all 2008 FE models is a new bumper design for better air flow to the engine, standard cruise control with programmable speed limiter, standard A/C, and a DPF system that uses an automatic regeneration cycle control with a manual back-up that can be initiated by the driver if needed.

The FK/FM medium-duty Mitsubishi Fuso models for 2008 will feature a new cab that cuts aerodynamic drag up to 25% in flat bed applications, lower chassis heights, and the addition of DPFs to meet emissions requirements, according to MFTI officials.

The new cab is not only more aerodynamic, but also surrounds a new interior with upgraded driver comfort and productivity features, according to Aquaro. Cab noise has been reduced by 8% at idle, the dash "turned" so auxiliary controls face the driver, and the new instrument panel was designed for better visibility, he said. The seats are high-back buckets covered in cloth, with an air suspension standard on the Class 7 model and optional on the others. Interior room for both driver and passengers has also been increased.

The 2008 low-profile Class 6 FK200 (19,850 lbs. GVW) has a frame height of only 36 in. and can accommodate bodies up to 24 ft. long. Like all FK/FM models, it is powered by the 7.5L 6M60 Fuso diesel producing 243 HP and a peak torque of 513 lbs. ft. That engine does not require a variable geometry turbocharger to meet the new emissions requirements, and retains its wastegated turbo, which is both less complex and less costly, according to Aquaro. The standard transmission for the FK200 is the Allison 1000 RDS, and a manual will no longer be offered.

The heavier Class 6 FK260 (25,995 lbs. GVW) will be offered with either a spring or full-air rear suspension for 2008. It sees its frame height drop three inches to 38, while the air-suspension version can dump its air bags to lower the truck an additional 2.5 ins. while stationary. The FK260 features full air brakes for 2008 and adds a new 253-in.wheelbase that can handle up to 30-ft. bodies. The standard transmission is the Allison 2200 RDS, and a 6-spd Mitsubishi manual is offered as an option.

At the top of the MFTI 2008 line is the Class 7 FM330 (32,900 lbs. GVW). Available in four wheelbases, it can be fitted with bodies ranging from 16 to 28 ft. long. The standard transmission is the Allison MD3000 RDS, and a 6-sp. overdrive manual is offered as an option.

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