Mack rewards customers for their loyalty

Mack Trucks Inc and Mack Commercial Finance have announced a new Customer Loyalty Program, tailored to independent operators who finance a new Mack truck through Mack Commercial Finance.

Highlighting the program is a Mack Commercial Finance portfolio, complete with a rosewood pen and ergonomically fitted calculator. Also included are details on services including:

  • Compliance services that simplify recordkeeping and paperwork associated with fuel tax reporting and federal and state regulations.

  • MasterCard purchasing tools that increase purchase power by freeing up cash, streamline business reporting through purchase tracking capabilities, and offer gifts.

  • Insurance products with access to competitive rates, one-source coverage, and 24/7 service. A Mack Bulldog pin and a pair of Mack work gloves also are included with the program.

The welcome package is available to independent operators the first time they finance a new Mack truck through Mack Commercial Finance. For more information and questions, a toll-free phone number — 866-281-8585 — is open 8 am to 5 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

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