Mack Releases New Econodyne Diesel

LOUISVILLE, KY. If conditions are right, truck sales in 2010 could rebound as much as 20%, and Mack Trucks is getting ready to compete in that recovering market with new technology and products that include an all-new Econodyne diesel engine and an automated mechanical transmission, according to Kevin Flaherty, sr. vp for the U.S. and Canada. “We’re seeing some bubbling of activity out there right now, and we could have a shot at 20% plus, but only if we continue to see more positive signs of recovery,” he said at a press conference during the Mid America Trucking Show.

With its 2010 emissions technology ready and EPA certified since last October, Mack has begun refining its proprietary engine offers by introducing a new generation of its historic Econodyne family of on-highway diesels. At Mack, the Econondyne has been as much a philosophy as it is an engine model, intended to provide over-the-road fleets with optimized fuel economy through careful control of operating characteristics, and the newest generation continues to pursue that goal.

Offered in the Mack MP7 and MP8 engine series for on-highway Pinnacle models, the new Econodyne features an intelligent torque management system called EconoBoost that offers drivers additional muscle only when they need it, according to David McKenna, director of powertrain sales and marketing. The 505-hp rating, for example, provides 1,560 lbs.-ft. of torque under cruising conditions, but can provide an additional 200 lbs.-ft. of torque if the engine is under full load and it senses it’s required.

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