Mack partners with DOE on vehicle research

Mack Trucks announced that it will work with the United States Department of Energy on a project to develop environmentally friendly commercial vehicle technologies. The initial goal is to reduce fuel consumption and primary carbon dioxide emissions from heavy-duty trucks by more than 10%.

This project is to be cost-shared between the Volvo Group, of which Mack is a part, and DOE; the combined investment is expected to be in the range of $9 million.

The project is the first to be discussed under the Implementing Arrangement on Renewable Energy Cooperation established between the United States and Sweden in Stockholm. Mack is participating as a result of a cooperation agreement between DOE and the Volvo Group. Much of the work will be performed by Volvo Powertrain North America, supplier of engines to Mack.

As part of the project, Mack will investigate the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from heavy-duty trucks through a focus on very high fuel economy. This will include advanced hybrid technologies and conversion of exhaust heat, which would otherwise be wasted, to useful energy. The project's other main goal is optimized use of biofuels in diesel engines and evaluation of the characteristics of several bio-based alternative diesel fuels.

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