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Mack Making Stability Protection Standard On Its Highway Vehicles

Mack Trucks, Inc. announced that the company is making its Road Stability Advantage by Bendix system (Mack RSA) standard on its highway vehicles.

Mack RSA is a full electronic stability system designed to reduce incident potential and enhance customer profitability. It uses the existing ABS wheel speed sensors, along with steering, yaw and lateral acceleration inputs, to deactivate the throttle and selectively apply the brakes in sharp curves, sudden lane changes, or obstacle avoidance maneuvers.

Mack began offering the RSA system as an option on its highway tractors late last year.

"The decision to make Mack RSA standard now was not a difficult one," said Tom Kelly, Mack vice president, marketing. "The system has demonstrated that it can do what it's intended to do. And it has been very well received by our customers."

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