Mack to get Volvo executive representation

Volvo Group announced today that Mack Trucks president & CEO Paul L. Vickner will become a member of Volvo’s Group Executive Committee (GEC) effective January 1. Volvo spokesman Bob Martin said GEC is the highest-level management committee in the Volvo Group. It works with AB Volvo president & CEO Leif Johansson to promote global strategies. “Paul Vikner and the entire North American management team have made tremendous progress in strengthening the Mack brand since Volvo acquired the company in 2001,” said AB Volvo President Leif Johansson. “We welcome Paul’s participation on the Group Executive Committee, and look forward to continuing to work with him to ensure that Mack reaches its full potential as a member of the Volvo Group.” Though Mack has been a Volvo property for two years, Martin said Volvo Trucks North America had only represented it, and the company felt the need to expand that representation. GEC includes the CEOs and high-ranking officers of each Volvo property, Martin said. Vickner will continue performing his duties heading up Mack.

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