Machine tool consumption falls in January

January 2002 machine tool consumption in the United States totaled $149.63 million, according to AMT — The Association for Manufacturing Technology and AMTDA, the American Machine Tool Distributors Association. This total, as reported by companies participating in the US Machine Tool Consumption program, dropped 7.8% from December 2001 and declined 40.4% from $251.00 million reported for January 2001. Consumption is also reported for these five geographic regions:

  • Northeast — At $32.74 million, January machine tool consumption climbed 42.7% compared with December's $22.94 million, but sunk 42.5% compared with January 2001.

  • Southern — January machine tool consumption totaled $19.45 million, a 28.1% slide from December's $27.05 million and a 24.8% drop compared with January 2001.

  • Midwestern — Totaling $47.75 million, machine tool consumption in January fell 30.5% compared with December's $68.74 million, and receded 47.9% compared with the previous January.

  • Central — January machine tool consumption stood at $25.56 million, a 3.3% dip compared with December's $26.41 million and 38.4% below the total for January 2001.

  • Western — Machine tool consumption in January totaled $24.14 million, a 40.2% surge compared with December's $17.22 million, but trailing 31.2% compared with January 2001.

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