Locking Pin Locator simply saves money

For truck drivers, releasing the locking pin and continually climbing up and down from the cab to check trailer alignment with the tandem locking pin can be irritating.

The Locking Pin Locator (LPL 600), a new patented technology, not only helps stop repetitive climbing in and out of a cab, but also reduces idling time — and hence fuel cost.

This product can be permanently attached to the trailer with the LED light mounted to the front left corner of the trailer and the sensor positioned near the tandem.

To operate, the driver releases the locking pin, places the LPL sensor at the desired location, slides the trailer, and when the light comes on, the trailer is positioned.

See an LPL 600 presentation at www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4hfHU5_YaQ or visit www.lockingpinlocator.com. For an on-site demonstration, phone Arnold “Arnie” Diehl at 517-852-1729 (home) or 269-275-2731 (cell).
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