Lite-Spy Device Reveals When Faulty Lights Are On

Chris Eagan Inventions Inc has introduced the Lite-Spy, a patented diagnosing tool that alerts the user when a faulty vehicle light has turned on. It can be used when repairing loose wire connections or installing trailer lights requiring a wiring harness.

Lite-Spy lets the user conveniently diagnose light problems without having to keep checking the light, and or having someone else alert him.

This product has a light-sensing solar panel connected to a 25-foot cable with an LED at the other end. The kit includes another 25-ft extension cable for larger vehicles. The solar panel is placed onto the faulty light by pressing down on the two adjustable suction cups on either side of the solar panel. The user takes the wire end with the LED and places it so he can see the diode. When the right wire connection is made and the light turns on, the LED will emit a bright red glow.

For further information, contact Chris Eagan Inventions, 670 Eldorado Lane, Las Vegas NV 89123.

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