Lining insulates against heat and noise

Boom Mat, a division of Design Engineering Inc (DEI) and a brand of vehicle performance acoustical and thermal insulation, offers a full line of products designed to improve ride comfort by reducing unwanted heat and noise.

The company's new Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining was designed primarily for the engine compartment as a way to greatly reduce heat and noise with an easy peel and stick product anyone can install. Engine heat and noise often is a problem with modified vehicles packed with high-performance components. This is also an effective product for reducing noise from generator boxes.

Made of ¾"-thick industrial acoustical-grade foam with a reinforced reflective aluminum skin, Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining not only insulates the underside of the hood for sound deadening and thermal control, but it also protects the vehicle's paint finish. Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining is available in a 12-square-foot size (32" × 54") Part #050130.

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