Lincoln Electric web site offers free downloads is The Lincoln Electric Co's new web resource for fabricators who rely on welding equipment featuring Waveform Control Technology. The site offers free downloadable software upgrades and the latest information, improvements, and capabilities, as well as instant access to welding systems.

Lincoln's also provides fast, easy access to new products, weld set modes and personal computer and diagnostic tools. It is available for those who use Lincoln Power Wave systems, Power MIG 300, Power MIG 350 MP, Invertec V350-PRO, and Invertec V450-PRO equipment.

The site offers a welding library that provides a list of Lincoln power sources and weld set modes. Each weld set contains welding application waveforms optimized for an arc welding process, consumable type and diameter, shielding gas type, and wire feed speed range. A reference guide offers a table to identify the correct welding waveform for each specific need.

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