For lightest weight, TTC forms integral post

TTC (The Trailer Company) is a western manufacturer of live floor trailers. Its two models of live-floor trailers — one for commodities and the other for refuse — are constructed with the same integral post design. That is, the side posts are formed as part of the side sheet.

The higher strength needed for the refuse trailer is achieved with three additions to the basic commodities trailer. One is the addition of a double I-beam extrusion that is inserted into the formed sheet post to stiffen the sidewalls. Also, an HMW polyethylene liner is added to the interior sidewall, full length, and full height.

Under the floor of the refuse trailer, the number of crossmembers is doubled. Crossmembers are on 16" centers for the commodities trailer, and these sills line up with the posts, also on 16" centers. For the refuse trailer, crossmembers are on 8" centers.

Among the advantages of the integral post design are: it provides a robust trailer at a very light weight, and it has a smooth interior wall — yet it is easy to manufacture. The aluminum side sheet is .080" thick, and it is roll-formed with a double post at one edge. When it is riveted to the next side sheet, the flat edge covers the inside of the adjoining post, thus providing the smooth interior wall. Joining rivets are quarter-inch and on 2" centers.

At the top of the sidewall, the top rail extrusion is engineered to provide more strength. Besides capping the sidewall, it has enough inboard slope to shed material to the inside and enough beef to withstand loader abuse. It weighs six pounds per foot. Two anti-spreader bars help stiffen the sidewall.

Weight of the TTC 45-ft trailer exhibited at the International Trucking Show was 12,700 lb. It was equipped with a heavy-duty Keith Walking Floor. Using the standard Keith pressure-seal floor would have brought the weight down to 12,500 lb. That's for a 125-yard trailer with a 9½-inch wedge. It was equipped with a 6" I-beam upper coupler, steel rear frame, double door locks, rollover tarp, Hendrickson Intraax axles and air suspension, aluminum wheels, and Centrifuse drums.

Weight of the TTC live floor trailer for refuse would be some 3,000 lb more with the addition of double I-beam extruded post stiffeners, 1/4" HMW polyethylene liner, double crossmembers, and Keith Impact refuse trailer floor.

Besides manufacturing live-floor trailers, TTC is a dealer for Wilson Trailer livestock, belt conveyor, and grain trailers. TTC also represents Great Dane, Wabash National, and Thermo King for parts and service. Company address is 234 Mt Vernon Avenue, Bakersfield CA 93307.

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