Leyman teams up with BAR Cargolift

Leyman Lift Gates has established a strategic global partnership with European liftgate manufacturing conglomerate BAR Cargolift. The new relationship allows Leyman to provide customers with Europe's mobile lifting systems liftgate technologies.

BAR Cargolift, founded in 1981, puts emphasis on three main areas:

  • Each product with the name BAR must be of cutting-edge technology and impeccable quality.

  • Mobile lifting systems must be seen as an integral part of a vehicle, and as such must be included into it as a complete solution.

  • Only by close cooperating with the body builders can the quality of the product, installation, and service be optimized.

Leyman also will be the source for all replacement parts for liftgates manufactured through the new alliance. North American parts inventories have been completed in conjunction with BAR Cargolift's global distribution network and Leyman distributors.

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