Leyman Lift Gates in strategic partnership with European gate manufacturer

Leyman Lift Gates, the leading manufacturer of advance material handling solutions for commercial fleets throughout North America and United Kingdom, has established a strategic global partnership with European lift gate manufacturing conglomerate BAR Cargolift.

The broad new relationship, which allows Leyman Lift Gates to provide customers with Europe's high quality mobile lifting systems lift gate technologies, is the latest in a series of agreements that position the company as the exclusive source of a vast range of steel and aluminum gate technologies preferred worldwide.

"Fleets are best served by suppliers who have a global view when it comes to new challenges and technologies," said Leyman Lift Gates President, John McHenry. "We have worked very hard over a long period of time to develop these new relationships in order to establish exclusive rights to the newest and best ideas being used in Europe."

Leyman Lift Gates also will be the source for all replacement parts for lift gates manufactured through the new alliance. North American parts inventories have been finalized in conjunction with BAR Cargolift's global distribution network and Leyman Lift Gates distributors. "This relationship will provide us with better products, a wide range of technologies and increase sales and service capabilities for all of our customers" said Mr. McHenry.

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