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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I was disheartened when I saw the cover of the August issue. Where is the respiratory protection? I am sure an industrial hygiene study would have dictated different levels of protection for spraying the fiberglass mixture as well as the Gatorhyde material which a modified polyurethane containing isocyanates. I applaud the company for their recycle efforts, but it looks like their health and safety effort needs a boost.
T A “Tom” Norton, Facilities Manager
West Plains MO

Dear Editor:

I have a question about the article “Green glass service bodies,” Astoria Industries of Iowa.

How come the gentlemen spraying are not wearing protective gear?

I'm just curious.
Ivalou Womack
Southwest City MO

Editor's response:

We had similar concerns. Before making our final choice for a cover photo, we asked Astoria about why the man in the picture was not wearing respiratory protection. The company's explanation was that it has an elaborate ventilation system that improves air quality throughout the plant. According to Astoria, additional respiratory protection is not required because the system effectively reduces emissions well below the level where additional respiratory protection is necessary.

In touring the plant, we did notice a dramatic reduction in the aroma of styrene typically associated with fiberglass manufacturing. But while the story included information about the plant's ventilation system, it did not specifically mention that the system eliminates the need for additional respiratory protection. Trailer/Body Builders fully supports safety in the workplace. If our August cover implies that we condone mediocre safety policies, we should have chosen a different photograph.

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