Less weight, more payload with ClassicLite

J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers, a division of Somerset Welding & Steel Inc, has added a new lighter-weight trailer to its line of transfer trailers. The ClassicLite aluminum tipper trailer, weighing 11,940 pounds, allows waste haulers to maximize payload on each trip they make.

The ClassicLite trailer is 48 feet long and has a 115-cubic- yard capacity. It's built with a combination of high-strength alloys, making it durable for waste haulers that need to maximize payload and minimize downtime. The trailer has an offset heavy-duty lightweight fifthwheel assembly manufactured with special steel alloys that have yield strengths of up to 175,000 pounds. It also has a new reinforced front bulkhead design, lighter-weight aluminum landing gear, new aluminum subframe suspension, and mechanically stretched aluminum sidewalls.

For more information, contact J&J, 10556-58 Somerset Pike, Somerset PA 15501.

TAGS: Trailers
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