LED snowplow kits help improve visibility

Truck-Lite Co Inc is announcing the release of its new LED snowplow kit. The LED kit not only improves overall visibility for vehicles plowing roads and highways, but the lamps are also highly visible to oncoming traffic, improving all-around safety.

Truck-Lite's work with the US military to develop the first LED headlamp, leading to a commercially suitable, DOT-compliant lamp, provided a strong backbone to offering snow plows better visibility and added safety. LED lights are brighter than traditional lamps, have a much longer life expectancy, and offer increased durability and lower current draw.

Traditional halogen lamps emit light from a fine filament that hasn't been able to withstand the impact generated by the plow's vibration. LED products work from electrically charged semiconductor chips that emit light. The semiconductor produces a solid-state lamp that is far more durable and virtually impervious to shock and vibration.

Prior to the product release, Truck-Lite worked closely with the town of Leroy NY to test prototype kits in real-life winter scenarios.

Truck-Lite's LED snowplow kit, part number 80863, is composed of a right- and left-hand lamp assembly as well as appropriate harness. Each right/left lamp assembly includes an LED headlamp, bracket, and pedestal turn signal lamp.

Access www.truck-lite.com to learn more.
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