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The latest equipment for snow and ice control

The winter of 2006-2007 seemed it would never quit. Fortunately, the truck equipment industry provides a wide range of products to keep our roads clear. Some of the latest products for snow and ice control at The Work Truck Show were these:

Buyers Products turns Snow Doggs loose

Buyers Products Company's new line of Snow Dogg plows include heavy-duty and extreme duty plows, lift frames, moldboards, and V-plows. All Snow Dogg plows have stainless steel moldboards and V-plows. The company even developed its own line of power packs and accessories, such as the dual-beam halogen plow lights. Buyers Products Company, Mentor, Ohio.

Western introduces expandable snowplow

The new Western Wide-Out adjustable wing snowplow extends its width hydraulically and adjusts its configuration to more effectively carry or windrow more snow.

Wings can be adjusted independently to create straight-blade plows ranging in width from 8' to 10' or to create a scoop nearly 9 feet wide. A hand-held control unit with backlit buttons regulates all blade and wing functions. Western Products, Milwaukee WI.

Blizzard announces Speedwing snowplow

Blizzard snowplows introduced its Speedwing plow that combines the productivity of Blizzard's multi-position blade design with the control simplicity of a straight-blade snowplow.

The snowplow defaults to a scoop position for straight-ahead plowing. When angled, the trailer wing falls in line with the blade while the leading wing maintains its forward position to reduce spillover and effectively use the entire blade width for higher-capacity windrowing. In addition, the wings can be fixed in a straight-blade position for back-dragging. Blizzard Snowplows, Milwaukee WI.

Fisher snowplow X-pandable

The new Fisher XLS (X-pandable length snowplow) can be expanded without leaving the cab of the truck.

The XLS will fully-angle while in the scoop position to maximize plow handling and capacity.

Since the leading wing can angle forward, it corrals more snow into the moldboard, virtually eliminating spill-off and effectively utilizing the entire blade width, according to the company. Fisher Engineering, Rockland ME.

Sno-Way spreader for commercial use

Sno-Way International presented its nine-foot gas-powered V-box spreader designed for commercial and municipal de-icing applications.

The spreader is 33 inches high and 48 inches wide and is available in mild steel or stainless steel. It can be used to spread three cubic yards of sand, salt or combination mix.

Sno-Way's swing-away chute design allows for fast unloading, unobstructed access to the vehicle's trailer hitch, and simplifies storage. The chute is available in 16" or 28" lengths. Either Briggs & Stratton or Honda gas engine models can be chosen to provide power. Sno-Way International, Hartford WI.

Automation keeps driver in control

The new snow and ice control technology developed by Monroe Truck Equipment uses a joystick for hydraulic control and a touch-screen computer to simplify the driver's job, including control of the spreader, spinner, pre-wet and anti-ice calibration and control. Data collection, maintenance record keeping, driver and route identification, GPS data interface, and automatic spreading based on road conditions are all part of the package. A back-up camera and a wing camera help keep the driver's eyes on the road.

The MC-840 controller has an 8.4-inch color display screen that uses multiple shapes and colors to easily identify functions for the operator. A tutorial for training new operators is included. It is all based on a Windows CE platform. Monroe Truck Equipment Inc, Monroe WI.

Two-wire connectivity simplifies control

Nexus Technology for snow and ice control is a patent-pending innovation by Muncie Power Products to simplify operation for the drivers. It involves an aircraft-quality joystick, a seat-mounted control panel, electronic valve control module, cartridge valve manifold, and a weather-resistant enclosure. Touch-pad controls provide a back-up to the joystick operations.

The integrated system employs two-wire connectivity to further reduce installation problems. No wiring harness is required between the cab and the valve package. No in-cab plumbing is required. No vulnerable sensors are required for spreader operations. Muncie Power Products, Muncie IN.

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