Landoll adds chain drive to Model 330

Landoll Corporation has introduced a chain drive power-on/power-off system to its Model 330 traveling axle container trailer line. This new option will give the user a choice between the standard 12,000-lb worm gear winch with 1/2" steel cable or the 12,000-lb gear box chain drive system.

A side-by-side chain allows users to pull on or push off loads like ISO containers, custom storage boxes, and light equipment. Included is the container pull chain bridle, the chain connector with a 1/2" grab hook and a “dozer” push blade. Landoll's bridle has a twist plate that locks into the corner castings while the push blade adds more flexibility for users to push a container rearward to make ground contact or push the container over objects like curbs and sidewalks.

Landoll 330 container trailers are equipped with 22,000-lb spring suspension, Grote's LED lights and wiring harness, two-speed landing gear, centralized grease system, and hub-piloted outboard brake drums as standard equipment. The hydraulic traveling axle trailers are available in 42-, 48-, or 50-foot lengths, having 25,000-lb air brake axle with 255 70R 22.5 tires. The entire trailer frame and undercarriage components are powdercoated with Landoll's zinc rich powder primer and durable powder top color coat baked at 400° F.

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