Krone and MAN take aim at air drag

Krone and MAN take aim at air drag

German trailer manufacturer Krone (Fahrzeugwerk Bernard KRONE GmbH) and truck manufacturer MAN displayed a concept vehicle designed to improve aerodynamics, save fuel, and reduce CO2 emissions.

Based on a joint study by Crown and MAN, the concept vehicle combines the Krone Aero liner van trailer and the MAN Concept S tractor. The result is a vehicle that the loading volume of a conventional trailer but achieves an extremely low drag coefficient that is claimed to save up to 25% in fuel consumption and CO2 production.

The vehicle is equipped with advanced security instruments such as cameras and tire pressure monitoring. The integrated roof spoiler on the tractor the cab is designed to bridge the gap between tractor and trailer. The side fairing of the trailer and the tapered tail further reduces air drag.

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