Knapheide assists First Response Team

The Knapheide Manufacturing Company has partnered with the First Response Team of America to provide truck equipment for use on disaster sites. Knapheide will be donating a custom service body designed to fulfill disaster relief needs of the First Response Team of America.

A non-profit organization, the First Response Team of America consists of several individuals who are passionate about helping communities in the first few hours and days after a natural disaster. The organization travels across the nation with a convoy of disaster response and recovery trucks and equipment from one natural or man-made disaster area to the next. Many times, the team reaches those in need far in advance of traditional relief agencies and during the crucial moments after a catastrophe. They conduct joint efforts with local first responders to save lives and restore hope across communities nationwide.

The custom Knapheide service body will be 11 foot long and 60 inches high, which will provide abundant storage space. The body will have both compartment and external work lights to increase safety and convenience in low light conditions. Fuel and maintenance equipment often are scarce after natural disasters. An auxiliary compressor and diesel fuel tank mounted to the body will allow the First Response Team to maintain and refuel hovercraft, cranes, light towers, generator, Peterbilt trucks, CAT backhoe and skid steer.

Aluminum mechanics drawers installed in a compartment will provide ample storage for tools. Security features like the telescopic sliding roof that will enclose the cargo area and the Masterlocking system will keep tools and equipment safe and sound on or off the jobsite.

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