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Klinge Corporation's under-chassis gen-set built for specialized sliding skeletal trailers

Klinge Corporation unveiled its new BRG-540-SC under-chassis generator set for specialized sliding skeletal trailers at Multimodal 2011 in Birmingham, United Kingdom recently.

The BRG-540-SC was designed specifically for new sliding skeletal trailers that overcome the absence of a multi-purpose trailer capable of servicing reefers ranging from 20 to 45 feet. This has historically been a major restriction.

The height of the BRG-540-SC gen-set has been lowered for compatibility with conventional loading docks — a significant change for cold chain operators.

This gen-set creates a much more complete seal between the reefer and building because the reefer is at the correct height to correspond with the dock.

Designed by David Nestor Freight Services and manufactured by SDC Trailer, these new specialized sliding skeletal trailers meet requirements of both short and deep-sea container lines.

The BRG-540-SC is a self-contained, automatic diesel engine-powered electric gen-set that supplies 230-, 460-, or 230/460-volt (dual voltage), 60-hertz, three-phase electrical power. The diesel engine runs at 1800 rpm.

Providing 15 kilowatts (18.75 kVA) of power, the BRG-540-SC is specifically designed to handle the tough under-chassis operating environment.

Besides sliding skeletal trailers, the BRG-540 fits 20- and 40-foot chassis. Klinge's exclusive design mounts to 8", 10", and 12" I-beams, meaning maximum ground clearance and fast attachment with a four-point, captive mounting system.

Service and maintenance are easy because of accessibility to components with the chassis-mounted unit.

The BRG-540-SC features a Power Guard fault protection system providing overload and single-phase protection, high coolant temperature, and low oil pressure fault protection. The Power Guard system enhances safety by preventing personal injury from inadvertent removal of plug.

For more information, call 717"840"4500 ext 162 or e-mail [email protected].
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