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Kleinstiver Institute seeks contributions

The Louis V Kleinstiver Institute has been formed to improve the safety of commercial trucks and is ready to accept contributions.

Kleinstiver, who died in 2004, was a dedicated employee of the National Truck Equipment Association and served 16 years as director of technical services. He started work in the truck equipment industry in the shop and learned his technical skills from the ground up. During his career at the NTEA, he devoted himself to helping members raise the level of professionalism and excellence in the industry. He drove the development of the ASE Truck Equipment Technician Certification Program, and was himself a certified master truck equipment technician.

To celebrate his life and carry forward his goals of higher learning and technical proficiency, the NTEA Board of Trustees voted unanimously to form and support the tax-exempt Louis V. Kleinstiver Institute.

Contributors to the Kleinstiver Institute will help fund:

  • Scholarship programs for those specializing in engineering or automotive technology.

  • Technical training in the truck equipment industry.

  • Development of technical publications and research.

  • Development of commercial truck safety programs.

  • Engineering projects that promote truck safety.

For more details, phone 800-441-6832 or 248-489-7090.

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