Kit converts pickup into service/dump body

TruckCraft's new combination service/dump body for full-size pickup chassis provides 54 cubic feet (DRW model) of lockable tool storage, 2.4 cubic yards of dump volume, and 5,000 pounds of dump capacity — all on one pickup truck chassis. All of a truck's capacity won't be used with this all-aluminum body, because the TC-200 Combo model for dual-rear-wheel pickups weighs just 825 pounds — a net gain of only 425 pounds — after removing the pickup bed.

The TC-200 bolt-on kit includes everything necessary to install this body on any full-size pickup chassis, with virtually no modification to the chassis. Get full .125"-thick aluminum construction, automotive bulb-type weather seals, three-point door latches, stainless twist-lock handles, and stainless marine-type hinges on all of Combo's cabinets. The kit comes complete with FMVSS-108-compliant lighting with factory-installed wiring harness, all required hardware, and the 5,000-lb dump performance of TruckCraft's maintenance-free, aluminum TC-120 Ultra pickup dump.

The TC-200 is backed by TruckCraft's limited factory warranty: two years on the TC-120 Ultra insert, one year on the balance of TC-200 kit.

For full details, contact TruckCraft, 5751 Molly Pitcher Hwy South, Chambersburg PA 17201.

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