Kenworth upgrades T660 configuration

Kenworth Truck Company announced a new T660 regional hauler configuration with shorter wheelbases, tighter chassis packaging, enhanced maneuverability, and weight savings. This is all accomplished while maintaining the same fuel tank capacity as a T660 with forward chassis fairings.

The new T660 configuration removes the standard under-cab chassis fairing and replaces it with a cab-mounted extension of the hood fender. This allows larger-diameter 24.5- and 28.5-inch fuel tanks to fit under the cab. Previously, only 22.5-inch tanks fit in that space.

As a result, this configuration gains wheelbase reductions, while maintaining the same under-cab fuel tank capacities of 75, 100, or 120 gallons offered by the standard T660 configuration with forward chassis fairings and 22.5-inch-diameter fuel tank. With the T660 regional hauler configuration, use of a 24.5-inch-diameter fuel tank can reduce the wheelbase by up to 19 inches, while a 28.5-inch-diameter fuel tank provides a potential wheelbase reduction of up to 34 inches.

The new configuration also reduces weight by at least 250 pounds from a comparably equipped Kenworth T660 with forward fairings. In cases, where wheelbase is not critical to an operation, the customer can order the same wheelbase as with a standard T660 configuration, but with a higher fuel capacity for traveling longer distances between refueling stops.

Regional haulers also can benefit from the model's forward lighting technology. The forward lighting system features standard halogen projector headlamps that provide 40% more light down the road than a sealed beam lamp and last three times longer. An optional High Intensity Discharge configuration provides 75% more light.

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