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Kenworth provides Inline electrical catalog

Kenworth dealers are offering a new catalog featuring Inline's OEM-quality electrical replacement parts for all makes of trucks. The catalog, available at Kenworth dealerships, has product information in English, French, and Spanish.

The Inline Electrical Catalog includes six broad categories of products: electrical coils and connectors; switches, senders, and sensors; fuses, circuit breakers, flashers, and relays; primary wire and connectors; battery cable and related components; and tools required for electrical work. Each category has its own section, located by title and color-coding. In addition, a vendor cross-reference includes part numbers for all major electrical product manufacturers and the corresponding Inline part number.

Finally, a part number index allows someone who already knows the Inline part number to turn to the page that features that product. The full-color catalog also includes photographs of the parts to aid in identifying products.

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