Kenworth Offers Real-time Repair Updates

To support Kenworth's PremierCare roadside assistance customer center, the company has introduced a new vehicle breakdown tracking service available via a password-protected web site. "This new service allows customers to view - in real-time - the status of any breakdown managed by our customer center," said Dick Von Lehman, customer center program manager.

Once on-line, customers receive a full status report on vehicles currently receiving service through the customer center. The report also provides historical information so fleet managers can review breakdown histories.

"By clicking on an `open' job, customers can see details of all the conversations logged by our customer support agents, including estimated time of completion," said Von Lehman.

Drivers who experience a breakdown on the road can dial 800-KW-ASSIST to receive personal assistance to get them back up and running. The customer center is staffed by trained professionals available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Kenworth PremierCare program registration is free. Truck owners may register their vehicles at their local Kenworth dealer or by calling 800-KW-ASSIST. Electronic registration is also available by going to

The customer center database also can track the owner's preferences for everything from repair payment to tires. Plus, maintenance can be scheduled anywhere in North America by phoning the toll-free number.

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