Kenworth offers Holland fifthwheels

Kenworth Truck Co offers the Holland Integrated Low-Weight Slider System (ILS), which provides an average weight savings of 30 pounds over traditional fifthwheel slider assemblies.

The Holland ILS is available with any single suspension, or with any tandem suspension up to a 40,000-lb rating on selected Kenworth Class 8 models. It features a new bushing design that improves its life and provides lateral and vertical cushioning. Slide brackets can be changed with minimal time and effort. The brackets bolt on through the top and can be changed in 15 minutes or less. An improved air cylinder provides a smaller footprint and fits neatly under the top plate to keep it protected from damage and debris.

Truck fleets and operators can order Kenworths equipped with the Holland ILS with these Holland products:

  • FW17, a lightweight cast steel fifthwheel

  • FWAL, an aluminum fifthwheel

  • FW35, Holland's most popular and versatile fifthwheel

  • FW31 fifth wheel, which doesn't require use of grease on the top plate surface, between the top plate and bracket, or in the lock mechanism

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