Kenworth offers collision warning system

Kenworth Truck Company announced that it now offers Eaton’s VORAD Collision Warning System with SmartCruise adaptive cruise control as an option for Kenworth’s T600, T800, T2000 and W900 models.

Eaton’s VORAD system provides forward and side object detection through a forward-mounted antenna and one side sensor along with two visual displays. The system offers audio and visual warnings that alert drivers to objects up to 500 feet ahead, even around curves, and can detect and track up to 20 vehicles at a time. The continuous road monitoring function helps drivers maintain a safe following distance in even heavy traffic conditions.

SmartCruise adaptive cruise control is controlled via the forward-mounted antenna. It works with the truck’s cruise control to automatically reduce truck speed when vehicles are within a predetermined range. The system reduces fuel to the engine and engages the engine retarder. When coupled with an Eaton automated transmission, SmartCruise automatically downshifts to maintain optimal engine RPMs and save on fuel consumption.

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