Kenworth Increases Production Capacity at Chillicothe Plant

Kenworth Truck Company's major expansion of its production plant in Chillicothe, Ohio, has significantly increased plant size and production capacity.

The major Kenworth project added 105,000 square feet to the facility. The Chillicothe plant, Kenworth's largest, has produced more than 300,000 trucks since it was opened in 1974.

"Kenworth's Chillicothe plant is one of the most advanced truck plants in the industry," said Marilyn Santangelo, Kenworth assistant general manager for operations. "The major expansion further advanced Kenworth's world-class quality and increased Chillicothe's build capacity by 50 percent."

The expansion project introduced new manufacturing technologies and processes, extended Chillicothe's mainline; added new cab, sleeper, trim lines; enhanced ergonomics; and included exciting advancements in plant logistics.

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