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Kenworth dealer network continues to expand

"Trickle down" is an economic reality during a recession. The slowdown hit some in the trucking industry hard, including a number of truck dealerships that closed due to the soft economy and changes within the industry. However, Paul Skoog, Kenworth’s director of dealer support, says the Kenworth dealer organization remains strong.“We've actually seen our dealer network continue to grow at a steady pace," Skoog said. "Kenworth dealers are well-positioned to work with customers now, and when the economy turns the corner."According to Skoog, Kenworth is opening six more dealer locations to accompany the two that have already opened their doors this year."Our commitment to excellent customer service is one of the main reasons why the Kenworth dealer organization continues to grow. We don't just sell trucks. We work hard to build customer loyalty. A salesperson sells a customer their first Kenworth truck, but we believe that our service and support sell the rest of them."Skoog said that the Kenworth PremierCare® program and Kenworth PremierCare Customer Center, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, provide dealers with a solid foundation of comprehensive product and service programs for their customers.According to Skoog, Kenworth sets high standards for dealer performance through its Kenworth Dealer Excellence Program.“Kenworth is not solely concerned on truck and parts sales figures,” he said. “We know that in order for our company and dealers to be successful, our customers have to be successful...and that means value-added programs after the sale.Skoog also noted that Kenworth dealers are backed by the strength of PACCAR. For example, dealers utilize extensive financial services available for customers through PACCAR Financial and PACCAR Leasing.

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